About Us

Kumgang Taekwondo (or tae kwon do) in Mountain House, CA was founded by Master (Dr.) Beni Bevly in 2007. On September 25, 2007, with 5 students, Kumgang Taekwondo started its first class at Bethany Elementary School. Since then, Kumgang Taekwondo, under Master Beni and Master Celeste Domke, has trained hundreds of Mountain House children and adults. Although Master Bevly has moved back to Indonesia, Master Celeste is continuing the legacy that he started. Under the oversight of Grand Master Park of San Francisco, the methods and teachings of the World Taekwondo and Kukkiwon are upheld.

​Kumgang means too hard to be broken. This is the philosophy taught in our school. This philosophy is emphasized and related to every taekwondo technique taught.​ While maintaining the traditional and the original art of taekwondo, we also teach our students the most up-to-date and modern taekwondo that is used in the Olympic Games.

Other than our regular program, we also participate in tournaments and practice at other taekwondo studios. We also attend special performances, perform in school talent shows and other studio sponsored events such as the fall carnival and the Fourth of July parade.



Our school takes your safety and that of our staff very seriously. We follow all CDC, State, and County Health Service recommendations and requirements. The following measures are currently in place:

  • Temperature taken for each student as they enter
  • Hand sanitizers located at entrance and in bathroom
  • Face masks worn by all participants and staff
  • No waiting room, parents will need to wait in car or return at end of class
  • Social distancing of 6' minimum during training
  • No contact sparing
  • Class size limited
  • Classes reduced to 45 mins
  • In between classes, all surfaces are wiped down and sanitized
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